Technology Evangelist Coverage of Telepresence World Starts June 4th
he Technology Evangelist team is sending a crew out to San Diego, CA this coming week to cover Telepresence World. Our subsequent conversation was as nuanced and, well, as human as most meetings I've had face to face.

T-Mobile Provides FREE Mobile Charging at Airports in Croatia
T-Mobile seems to own the Croatian market based on my time walking the streets of Zagreb and Dubrovnik. And it works for most major cell phones - T-Mobile or not - from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung.

Request-URI Too Large on Flickr
Well, it stalled out on the first try after around 100, so the batch that caused the issue was closer to 900 photos. As I understand it, the limit is either ~2,000 or ~4,000 characters, so I was WAY out of range.

Power Adapters for Croatia
I'm heading on a trip to Amsterdam, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro tomorrow for what should be an awesome vacation. The data looks incomplete (only 46 hot spots in Croatia?), but should be helpful for most large cities.

Palm Foleo Use Cases that Make Sense
What would be cooler in a doctor's office: a month old issue of InTouch or a computer you can use to surf to TheSuperficial? 2. Limos: I have friends who's laptops are so slow to boot, they'd never consider bothering using it during a limo ride.

Mark Trachtenberg, CEO Teliris at Telepresence World
Mark concentrated his speech on the fundamentals of how a new technology, like telepresence, becomes widely accepted into society. Precise eye gaze, multipoint capability and line of sight were all part of this invisible package of the future.

DVE's co-founder and CEO, Steve McNelley at Telepresence World
Stay tuned for more from Telepresence World 2007, or hop on our RSS post and video feeds to have the news come directly to you. This would provide immediate personal access for ad hoc meetings without the pain of scheduling access to a telepresence room.

Tom Szabo, CEO of Telanetix at Telepresence World
Telepresence today, is largely a communications tool used between C-level employees within a company or between companies. Telepresence is currently a tool used by CEOs or high level managers who focus primarily on face to face interactions.

Chuck Stucki, VP and GM, Telepresence Systems, Cisco Systems at Telepresence World
Stucki didn't specify what types of internal meetings, but things like product development and management meetings come to mind. Regardless of what device a person is using, the important thing it that they enable a human touch and feel between parties.

Sun Country Airlines makes it easy to fly with heavy technology
Each airline treats us differently and I have found it interesting to watch how we're treated on a per-company basis. They have never damaged my luggage (which happens a lot with the video cases) and they have always done right by us.

Published: Tue, December 12, 2006
Technology | By Lena Tucker

Custom iPod Earbuds

Julio Ojeda-Zapata of Your Tech Weblog recently wrote about custom earbuds (called iBuds) available from Starkey in Minnesota and Westone Laboratories in Colorado:


I've heard from quite a few people that the default iPod earbuds don't fit their ears. I'm sure Apple does what they can do design the most universal earbud they can, including a recent redesign to do just that, but clearly they won't be able to satisfy everyone.

Have you tried these? Let's hear about them.

I'd also love to hear from someone who managed to surprise their loved one with a set of these. How did you manage to covertly capture custom molds? 

Like this: