Facebook Needs to Address Invite Spam
This seems critical to me, since a very similar issue is one of the things that's led me grow to hate MySpace over time. After leaving, I'm apparently considered a prospect for joining the group again, so the invites start coming in.

Facebook's Where I've Been Application Acquisition
Still, with 2.3 million users, TripAdvisor will no doubt slap its brand name on it and be happy to reach a new audience. It's great to hear that the Where I've Been application on Facebook has been acquired by

How to Find Legitimate Email in Your Gmail Spam Folder
However, none of them were critical messages - they were simply things like reminders that my family tree was growing. The search show below has two parts: The first [in:spam] narrows your gmail search to just messages in your spam folder.

Calculate Taxi Fares with Google Maps Mashup
It uses Google Maps to plot and calculate the driving distance between two points and uses that information to calculate the fare. The service is currently available in New York City, Boston , Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto.

IPhone Countdown: Less than 15 Minutes
So, if you're at the MOA and want to snag a phone without a wait, head up to the 3rd floor to the AT&T store. And here is the line for the iPhone forming outside the AT&T store at the other end of the Mall of America.

Bad SIM cards plaguing new iPhones?
I went to AT&T so that I could get a new SIM card and have them activate it as to avoid any registration problems in iTunes. If I simply cycled the radio from on to off by turning the Airplane mode on then off I would get the message 'invalid SIM'.

Is AJAX the future of mobile phone development?
I am nuts, but here are a few ways that AJAX or a technology like it would really kick some major butt on a mobile platform. The mobile device needs to know what a phone number is, address is, etc. and allow me to dial right from the app.

Burn Your Feed with FeedBurner: Blogging Tips #4
If you're interested in tracking how many people have subscribe to your site's RSS feed you'll need to burn it through FeedBurner. This includes subscription levels, click throughs from RSS readers to your site, errors your feed may have, and other fun stuff.

The Sputnik Shock Wave, October 4, 1957
It had been three years of Nikita Khrushchev gloating and joking about the "grapefruit satellite" and Alan Shepherds' "flea hop". However, it would not be until almost a year later that John Glenn would become the first American astronaut to orbit the earth.

Flickr SafeSearch Settings
It looks like this particular Flickr user really likes his saltwater aquarium and takes a lot of photos of the coral within it. After arriving at his photos, I was presented with a warning that the photos may not be safe for my innocent eyes.

Google TV Advertising Presentation
Derella admits that they may need to extrapolate from sources like Echostar to predict viewership on other types of TV delivery. According to Derella, Nielsen has a tough time providing accurate viewership numbers on smaller cable channels like Current TV.

How Can I Create a Smart Podcast Playlist?
Create a smart playlist selecting podcasts with a play count of zero: However, it doesn't. Ben suggested I make sure to check the "All Unplayed" option in on the sync interface.

Archive vs Hide on Gmail and Google Docs
Once posted, I have little use for my draft, but don't necessarily want to throw it away. It's a great way to file away emails that you've processed after reading or responding.

Restaurants Need WiFi and Power
I planned a meeting at a restaurant in Minneapolis called Buster's on 28th the other day based on the fact that they have WiFi. I'd love to see restaurants get to the point where there is an outlet within reach from every booth.

Suspended from Google for Over-Googling
Here are the operating systems I get to choose from: I'm on a MacBook Pro. Apparently, I've been using Google too much.

Published: Sun, February 18, 2007
Technology | By Lena Tucker

Airports to Charge for Laptop Power

I have written before about power access in airports so it should come as no surprise that I was outraged when I read that airports are going to begin charging travelers for access to power outlets.

How much? $3 for 30 minutes, according to Carlson Wagonlit Travel's CWT Traveler e-newsletter and USA Today. One of the companies providing this "service" is Minnesota-based Smarte Carte, who's known for charging travelers a few bucks for access to carts to transport luggage from baggage to your car.

This is the WORST idea I've seen in a while. Cities should not allow their airports to penalize business travelers by forcing them to pay for power. It's insane!

Over time, It will surely become more difficult to find open outlets in airports with Smarte Carte power outlets installed since that would cut into the vendor's profits. Contractually, the airport will probably have to waste money putting caps on non-Smarte Carte publicly accessible outlets. Ever seen a FREE luggage cart in an airport with Smart Cartes installed?

Whoever approved the installation of Smarte Carte power outlets at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport or any other airport I fly through is not welcome in my home unless they're willing to pay $3 for their place setting and $1 if they'd like to turn the light on while using the bathroom.

Attention airport managers: treat your travelers like you'd treat your friends. We are guests in your home and would like to be treated the way we'd treat you as guests in our homes.

More news: Is spam so bad that we no longer care about legit e-mail?

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