How to use LogMeIn on your iPhone
You're done! You'll be able to access your system remotely via your iPhone and control it by clicking around the page. What would be really nice is if LogMeIn looked at the browser type and auto-selected HTML for iPhone users.

Caribou Coffee Add Power Outlets
After ordering my drink, I went through my normal routine of surveying the tables to find one near a power outlet. I had a meeting yesterday afternoon at a newly opened Caribou Coffee in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Is spam so bad that we no longer care about legit e-mail?
Since the servers in question are legit, not sending spam and yet were blacklisted we started trying to figure out what happened. In the end these companies, in my opinion, are just as bad as the spammers themselves in destroying the e-mail infrastructure.

Suspended from Google for Over-Googling
Here are the operating systems I get to choose from: I'm on a MacBook Pro. Apparently, I've been using Google too much.

The Sputnik Shock Wave, October 4, 1957
It had been three years of Nikita Khrushchev gloating and joking about the "grapefruit satellite" and Alan Shepherds' "flea hop". However, it would not be until almost a year later that John Glenn would become the first American astronaut to orbit the earth.

Flickr SafeSearch Settings
It looks like this particular Flickr user really likes his saltwater aquarium and takes a lot of photos of the coral within it. After arriving at his photos, I was presented with a warning that the photos may not be safe for my innocent eyes.

Food vs $100 Laptops: Which to Choose?
He raises a fair point, but the same point could be applied to any form of aid that doesn't specifically address immediate needs. Clearly, there was no rebuttal for his argument, and no opposition to his ethos.

Overlapping Starfishes
Most people I know who use the web for professional conversations also have a personal life that's at least partly lived online. For example, a person may use Twitter to keep in touch with personal friends who may or may not share professional interests.

Live Chat at Its Worst
Clicking the live chat link brought up this screen, where I was told a "Specialist" would be with me shortly: I waited. Make sure your customer support incentives are aligned with your customer's needs to avoid situations like this.

Capital One Can't Read Its Own Emails
I was in an out a fraction of the time it would have taken me to get in touch with a human on the phone. So, I found the appropriate area of the site: And shot them a quick note.

Minneapolis Gets Google Maps Streetviews
I though they would cover business districts and major streets to start but they've shot close to everything in the first round. On a comedic side, an entourage was caught leaving a strip club during daylight hours by the Google cam:

MySpace Identity Theft Scams On the Rise?
Not that this is surprising, there is an added twist that takes it beyond what I've seen done on sites like PayPal or Ebay. This can then be used to drain your accounts, run fraudulent auctions, and other malicious activity.

Online Retail Dead Zones
This assumes that you ignore all other variables, such as which market is the best fit for the products you're trying to sell. There are some exceptions for people who's bandwidth is so slow they'd still rather drive 20 minutes to shop at Target.

One Laptop Per Child Review
After about 10 minutes I felt really comfortable getting around it and everything worked in a rather simple manner. Once he figured out how to open it, he seemed to be impressed with the functionality of the product.

Las Vegas McCarran Airport Understands Business Travelers
And it probably costs them very little to do this since I get the impression that Verizon's helping front the costs. Las Vegas knows a lot about making money, and hosts more conventions than anywhere else on earth.

Published: Fri, June 01, 2007
Technology | By Lena Tucker

Palm Foleo Use Cases that Make Sense

Palm announced the future launch of a new computer earlier this week called the Foleo Mobile Companion that's designed to pair with Treo phones for cellular Internet access while providing a large screen and keyboard for a laptop style on the road when you're away from your laptop.

Huh? That was the first impression Ben and I had when watching the announcement. When would someone be away from their laptop, yet carrying something like this around?

Here's the pitch: it turns on and off in an instant, like a Palm device, so you don't waste time waiting for it to boot or come out of hibernate mode. That might be an interesting pitch to Windows uses, but Mac users are already accustomed to opening the lid of their laptops for an instant-on experience.



As I thought about this more, I had a harder and harder time understanding when this product would be useful for business people who are already armed with a laptop and smartphone.

However, I did manage to think of plenty of other applications for this. And they all revolve around using this product as a stand-alone device rather than a companion to a Treo:

1. Courtesy Computers: Stick a few of these in your waiting area or boardroom for guests to check their email and surf the web on. They're considerably cheaper than a laptop, less virus prone, and surely use less energy than a full computer. What would be cooler in a doctor's office: a month old issue of InTouch or a computer you can use to surf to TheSuperficial?

2. RV Travelers: Older couples who've sold their home and hit the road aren't using their computers to run spreadsheets and create PowerPoints. It's all about surfing the web for destination information and keeping in touch with people via email. This does both. Perhaps they'd pair it with a Treo for surfing while cruising the Interstate highway system, but even without that they could hop on free WiFi connections at coffee shops and Panera Bread restaurants. It includes USB and SD card ports, so uploading photos to Flickr should be relatively easy.

3. Minivans: Hook up the kids with something to do while you're shuttling them between soccer, lacrosse, rowing, choir practice, and whatever else kids do these days. This would require someone in the car to have a web-connected cellular device. Apparently, the first launch of the Foleo won't support YouTube videos, which could be viewed as a feature by parents driving web surfing kids around.

4. Limos: I have friends who's laptops are so slow to boot, they'd never consider bothering using it during a limo ride. More limos are installing in-vehicle WiFi networks routing cellular Internet connections, making a Foleo a perfect choice for people interested in killing some time by checking headlines on the web.

Amazingly, the product has only been announced for two days, doesn't ship until later this summer, yet Amazon already has four accessories for sale for the Foleo.

Would you buy one? If yes, how do you expect to use it? 

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