Blog Action Day - Poverty
Today is Blog Action Day, where bloggers are asked to write about a specific topic in order to bring more attention to it. Set up web analytics on their site and help them measure where online donations are coming from. 5.

Qwitter: A Twitter Unfollow Notifier
I've mentioned previously that it would be helpful if Twitter users received better feedback on unfollow requests. As far as positive feedback goes, check out Favrd, where you can track the "most favorited" tweets on Twitter.

What Does Twitter Followers per Tweet Tell Us?
I had a chance to attend a Social Media Breakfast at Best Buy's corporate headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota this morning. Followers per Tweet As I thought about this more, I figured that there many be some form of "chatter" metric worth creating.

Gmail Archive - The Least Understood Button
Archived email is still immediately available using Gmail's search function or by clicking the All Mail button. What exactly does archive mean? Archive does not mean "backup" or some other form off off-site storage.

Airline Seat Tray Advertising
That seems to be US Airways' theory based on the ads I was presented with when I lowered my seat tray on a recent flight. Frankly, I don't have a problem with the advertising as long as I see a corresponding reduction in my fares.

Flash: The Rubik's Cube of Website Design
That's a good thing for people trying to find content that web designers have chosen - largely unintentionally - to hide. A Rubik's Cube, by comparison, is much more complicated and takes more advanced problem solving strategies to master.

Egnyte: Business class file server in the cloud
You may think you have your file storgae needs taken care of, but try the free demo of Egnyte and see what you're missing out on! This is not an iPhone app but rather a specially formatted version of the web page that renders very well on the iPhone.

How to Improve Conference Name Badges
However, Dan Grisby has proposed a different solution to the flipping problem that may work equally as well: Use two holes. He breaks it down in this drawing: 2-Sided is a pretty good idea since they do tend to flip around.

Why Online Retail Has High Customer Service Scores
Online, retailers have one "employee" interacting with a prospective buyer: the product's webpage. Since there is only one relationship to manage, it can be turned into a thing of beauty.

I See The Future of Online Advertising at
Over there, I've created an ad format where people can update their ads in real-time via Twitter or by writing a new blog post. This is a giant leap forward from today's static banner ads because the ads are less about logos and more about offers.

Rocky Mountain News' Last Advertisers
Just because people spend their valuable time digging up stories that should be told doesn't mean there is a market for them. It doesn't say much about the quality of the reporting done by the paper, which is something I think if often overlooked.

How Dave Williams Lies with JavaScript
I get the impression that Dave Williams is actually from whatever town someone visiting his site happens to live in. Regardless, here's a little trick Dave Williams uses to lie to visitors to his website.

My Least Favorite Twitter Tweets
Consider adding a little context to @reply messages so all followers can be part of the conversation. However, they're also irrelevant to almost all of the sender's followers.

Do You Have to Follow People to Use Twitter Correctly?
McCaskill is picking up followers at a rate of hundreds per day, yet is using Twitter wrong? I get the impression that Mr. Social Media Consultant, Matthew Chamberlin @mchamberlin sent out a tweet yesterday that piqued my interest.

My Killer iPhone App: Instapaper
I finally caved an picked up an iPod Touch this past weekend after learning about what to me is a killer app: Instapaper. After my first Instapaper-enabled flight this week, I'm sold on this new workflow for processing longer online content.

Published: Tue, December 11, 2007
Technology | By Lena Tucker

MySpace Identity Theft Scams On the Rise?

MySpace has become a target for identity thieves. Not that this is surprising, there is an added twist that takes it beyond what I've seen done on sites like PayPal or Ebay.

For example, who hasn't received an email claiming to be from PayPal or Ebay telling you that your account has been exploited, that you need to update your account information, or that you have won an auction that you hadn't bid on? They VERY common, and all done with the same purpose: to get you to click on a link to a fake PayPal or Ebay site where you'll enter your login information. This can then be used to drain your accounts, run fraudulent auctions, and other malicious activity.

Similar behavior is happening using MySpace, which makes sense since there are millions of registered members who could be tricked into turning over their login information - Information that's surely usable on other sites like PayPal or Ebay.

But here's the twist: this is being done from within MySpace.

Here's an example email I received in my MySpace inbox from a MySpace friend of mine. It wasn't a typical MySpace webcam girl spam request. This looked like a legitimate email from an actual friend of mine:

I'm sure a LOT of people would open an email like that when it's sent to them from a friend. Here's what the link took me to:


Whoops. Looks like I got logged out when I tried to visit the page my friend suggested I check out. That's certainly not uncommon on MySpace. 

As ugly as most MySpace URLs are, they're not THAT ugly. A .cn domain? Why am I suddenly in China visiting a sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-domain of

That's an impressively good spoof site. Reading the domain from left to right would be enough to reassure many MySpace members. 

Does anyone actually fall for this?

Take a look at the spike in traffic to the identity theft site over the past month:

That's a LOT of traffic. Evan a minuscule conversion rate would generate a ton of MySpace member's login information.

How many MySpace members have to click on links to before MySpace gets around to blocking emails mentioning that domain?

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